This page provides a few suggestions for Christian books that you may find of interest with short summary reviews from readers.

The Evidence for Creation – Examining the Origin of Planet Earth

G.S McLean, Roger Oakland & Larry McLean


A book for anyone who has burning questions over the challenges faced by evolutionary theory and Biblical Creation.

A thoroughly engaging read for those who want to better understand the two positions and be able to maturely challenge evolutionary theory represented as fact.



The New Foxes Book of Martyrs

John Foxe


An exceptionally difficult read for any modern Christian providing an insight into the persecution of the church throughout history to the modern day.

Be warned the accounts of persecution do shock and upset , but in equal measure the book highlights the power of the Holy Spirit to strengthen Christians in the most horrific adversity.  A truly inspiring read.


The Scandal of Christianity

R.T Kendall


This book will reverberate with Christians encountering the challenge of standing for Christ today, sympathetically encouraging Christians to face the ‘shame’ of belief in Christ head on and take strength from Christs adversity.

Humorous and empowering, the book will leave you with a new zeal to serve the Lord with courage.