Church history

Zoar Baptist Church has had a presence in Ipswich for over 170 years.

The church first opened on the 7th of January 1842 situated in David Street, Ipswich.

The Church relocated to St. Helen’s Street in 1925 opening for worship on Wednesday 18th March 1925.

The first minister of Zoar Chapel was Pastor J. B. Bateman who was called to the pastorate on June 19th 1842.

He was followed by Pastors W. Felton (1855-59), J. Wilkins (1862-66), S. Willis (1867-70), J. Morling (1872-79), S. Cozens (1882 – 1887), R.C. Bardens (1891-1907), P. Reynolds (1912-34), J.S. Smith (1941-58), R.G. Martin (1960-65), E.D. Eldridge (1968- 82), R.J. Howells (1984-89) and P.F. Hughes (1991-2005).

The current Pastor is James Paton, formerly Elder at Surrey Chapel, Botolph Street, Norwich who was  inducted on the 11th September 2010